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4.2 Inch E-Ink Price Tag E Paper Display

4.2 Inch E-Ink Price Tag E Paper Display

4.2 inch wholesale electronic shelf label high quality eink display Production line OKSMART LCM is one of the authorised partner of E-ink. We built a professional R&D team to develop new products and provide better service. Many standard graphic EPD can be chosen,and customized design welcomed. E-INK film PS film:Protect film,water proofand Anti-UV.

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Basic Info:

4.2 Inch Electronic Customized Color E-Ink Price Tag 400*300 Pixels E-Ink Display 

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Product Description

1) Software and API interface (SQL.Server,Client)

2) AP Base 1 set (with 300-500pcs shelf labels)

3) Electronic shelf labels (dot matric epaper display,1*7.5 inch, 3*2.9 inch, 3*2.13 inch )

4) Mounting slots(fixing labels on shelves) 

5) API/SDK interface

6) 24 hours skype online

7)  Powerful technical support

 Shenzhen OK smart-LCM photoelectric co., Ltd focus on the LCD screen and module in high quality, high effiency, high ROI building long-term partnership with each other not one-time business.
It would be our most pleasure to be your trusted sourcing partner handing the purchasing, exporting and after-service issue in China, you develop market and promote sales with 100% energy without any worries.


Any assistance, welcome to contact us.

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