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Segment Transmissive Lcd Display Module

Segment Transmissive Lcd Display Module

1 . Format : SEGMENT . 2 . LCD mode : VA,NEGATIVE, TRANSMISSIVE . 3 . Viewing direction : 6 o’clock . 4 . Driving scheme : 1/4 Duty, 1/3 Bias . 5 . Low power operation : Power supply voltage range (VDD): 3.3V . 6 . VLCD adjustable for best contrast : LCD driving voltage (VOP): 4.0V . 7 . Operating temperature : -10℃~60℃ . 8 . Storage temperature : -20℃~70℃ . 9 .Weight : 4.96g 10 . Module size : 37mm(L)*41.5mm(W)*1.7mm(H) . 11 . Viewing area : 33mm(L)*32.4mm(W)

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Segment Transmissive lcd display module

1. Product introduction of the Segment Transmissive lcd display module:

Segment  VA Negative Transmissive lcd display module     We could design and customize segment, character, graphic LCD Display and Module(Including LED Backlight, IC) for you with different size, shape, display icons. Welcome to contact us for details.   DESCRIPTION 


1     CS0     Chip Select , When CS0= “L”, chip is selected 

2      RST     When RST= “L”, the settings are initialized 

3      CD       Input data when CD= “H”, and command when CD = “L” 

4      SCK     Serial clock input terminal 

5      SDA     Serial data input terminal 

6      VDD     Supply voltage for logic circuit  +3.3V 

7      VSS      Ground 

8      V0        Power supply for the liquid crystal.

9      XV0      Negative LCD driver supply voltages. 

10     NC      -- 

11     NC      -- 

12     VG     Power supply for the liquid crystal. 

13     A        -- 

14     K        -- 

2. Product parameterof the Segment Transmissive lcd display module :

Operating temperature:


Storage temperature:




Module size:


Viewing area:


LCD mode:



3. Product Applications of the Segment Transmissive lcd display module:

STN positive Cog Panel 12864

4. Product details of the Segment Transmissive lcd display module:

3.jpg8 (2).jpg

5. Product qualification of the Segment Transmissive lcd display module:

STN positive Cog Panel 12864

6. Factory work shop:

STN positive Cog Panel 12864

Shenzhen  oksmart LCM photoelectronic Co., LTD founded in 2006, Shenzhen as the core R & D center established three product structure system, including: mono LCD, TFT, OLED display. Main applications is  Industrial control digital display, car display, electronic terminal, medical equipment, mobile terminals, smart wear and other human-machine interface areas. In 2017, 100 workshops and Yichun, Jiangxi Province were formally launched. The construction area was 720,000 square meters, and 14 Panasonic fully automated production lines began mass production the annual output value upto 50 billion RMB.

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STN positive Cog Panel 12864

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