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AMOLED production process

- Aug 02, 2018 -

                                                 AMOLED production process

The manufacturing process of LTPS-AMOLED includes many cutting-edge technologies in the display panel industry, which are mainly divided into three processes: the back plate segment, the front plate segment and the module segment.

The back plate segment process forms a film of different materials of different patterns by film formation, exposure, etching to form an LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) driving circuit, which provides a lighting signal and a stable power input for the light emitting device. 

                oled display.jpg

The technical difficulty lies in the micron-level process fineness and the extremely high uniformity requirement for electrical specifications.

The coating process is to use a coating device to physically or chemically deposit the desired material onto the glass substrate (2);

The exposure process is to adopt optical illumination to transfer the pattern on the photomask to the coated substrate (3, 4, 5) through the photoresist;

The etching process uses a chemical or physical method to etch away the film under the pattern that is not covered by the photoresist on the substrate, and finally washes off the photoresist on the cover film, leaving a film layer with the desired pattern (7, 8). ).