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AMOLED production process 02

- Aug 03, 2018 -

                                             AMOLED production process 02

The front plate segment process evaporates the organic light-emitting material and the cathode material on the back plate through a high-precision metal mask (FMM), combines with the driving circuit to form a light-emitting device, and then encapsulates in an oxygen-free environment to protect the surface. . The alignment accuracy of the evaporation and the hermeticity of the package are the challenges of the front plate process.


High-precision metal mask (FMM): It is mainly made of materials with extremely low thermal deformation coefficient, which is the key to defining pixel precision. The finished FMM is accurately positioned on the metal frame by the netting machine and sent to the evaporation section (2);

The vapor deposition machine evaporates the organic material through the FMM onto the defined area of the LTPS substrate under ultra-high vacuum (3);

After the evaporation is completed, the LTPS substrate is sent to the package section, and in a vacuum environment, it is bonded to the protective plate with a glass glue which is highly resistant to moisture. The choice of glass glue and its application in the manufacturing process will directly affect the life of OLED (5, 6).