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Black Craystal Glass

- Jan 22, 2018 -

黑晶玻璃又称微晶玻璃陶瓷(以下简称微晶玻璃)又称可加工陶瓷,是以合成云母为主晶相的云母微晶玻璃,是一种可以机加工的陶瓷材料。目前国内一般通俗地将这种材料按外观特点分成几类,包括白板、黑晶板、彩板、透明板等。其中市场上通用的面板为白板和黑晶板。一般把白板喷黑简称黑板,{TodayHot}是目前市场上电磁炉企业比较通用的面板。彩板和透明板为差异化的产品,主要走中高端路线,属于差异化和形象化产品,一般销量较小。 国内市场上微晶玻璃供应商基本上可分为两大阵营:以德国肖特、日本NEG、法国欧凯特种玻璃等企业为代表的进口板材;以康尔、大享、科迪等为代表的国产板材。两种板材虽然在成份基本一致,但进口板材在性能上大大优于国产板材,价格也较高,定位基本没有重合之处。由于近几年国内电磁炉产业扩张速度太快,促使国产微晶玻璃面板产量大增,而进口板受价格过高影响,市场占有率日渐缩小,目前只占很少的市场。

Black crystal glass also called glass ceramics (hereinafter referred to as glass) is also called machinable ceramics, mica glass ceramics with synthetic mica as the main crystal phase, is a kind of machine processing of ceramic materials. At present, the general material according to the appearance features are divided into several categories, including white, black crystal board, color board, transparent plate etc.. The market to the panel for the white and black crystal board. The white board is generally called blackboard, and {TodayHot} is the most common panel in the current market. The color plate and the transparent board are different products, which mainly take the middle and high end route, which belong to the differentiated and visualized products, and the general sales are small. The domestic market of microcrystalline glass suppliers basically can be divided into two camps: imported plate to the German Schott, Japan NEG, France Oukai special glass and other enterprises on behalf of; to Kang and careless, Cody as the representative of the domestic plate. Although the two kinds of plate are basically the same in the composition, but the import board is much better than the domestic plate in performance, the price is high, and the positioning is basically no coincidence. Due to the rapid expansion of the domestic induction cooker industry in recent years, the output of the domestic glass ceramic panel has been greatly increased, and the market share of the imported plate has been shrinking.

The supply and demand of domestic plate market is analyzed. The market demand and supply situation of {HotTag} in 2004 and 2005 the supply of glass ceramics industry limited capacity is very tight, encounter blowout market growth, especially in the September market season, glass supply is very tight, to a difficult situation, so the glass ceramics market appeared "guide for professional users", and the economic benefit is very considerable, the glass ceramics market supply seriously restrict the rapid growth of the market. In 2005, the capacity of China's glass ceramics industry continued to rise significantly. The industry of electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, gas and electric dual energy stove and so on, totally digested (including inventory) glass ceramics 32 million to 35 million pieces, of which the induction cooker is the largest user of glass ceramics. The total output of 2005 domestic Heijing board is 15 million piece, (including inventory and defective products), including Kang 55%, all other enterprises accounted for 30%, accounted for 15%. In 2005 the total reached 20 million pieces of board (including inventory), the Taixing capacity of 40%, 20%, 25%, Kang great Cody and Xin shipped together accounted for about 15%. In 2006, the production of glass ceramic raw materials rose more than 30% in some raw materials or even more than 2 times higher than that of most enterprises headache is one of the main raw materials of lithium carbonate production of glass ceramics recently emerged out of stock, as lithium battery materials, special glass, Tao Citian addition agent and various lithium compound materials. China is production of lithium carbonate, lithium carbonate, but the capacity is limited, basically rely on foreign imports, the main production in Chile and Australia, the production of glass ceramics raw materials of lithium carbonate in 2004 the price of 30 thousand yuan per ton, in January 2006 rose to 40 thousand yuan per ton, May is reached 60 thousand yuan per ton. Not only the price rise, but also the supply of serious shortage, the production of microcrystalline glass companies often have money to buy goods. In addition, the transport cycle of lithium carbonate is too long, which also restricts the development of glass ceramics industry. It takes six months from Chile and Australia to Tianjin port of China and Shenzhen Yantian port. The supplier of Wenzhou Kang glassware Co. Ltd.: Kang Er company is the largest glass ceramics supply companies, now has 5 kilns, 9 crystallization furnace, 2005 annual sales of 12 million to 14 million, the second half of 2006, the new kiln Kang 45m2 put into trial production, is expected to 2006 Kang company production and sales between 20 million to 22 million. Huzhou Taixing Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. is one of the earliest development and production of glass ceramics enterprises, currently has 4 furnaces, a crystallization furnace 9, only the production of ordinary whiteboard, daily processing capacity of 40000, the total output in 2005, Taixing companies reached 8 million, the end of April 2006, Taixing transformation for kiln Heijing board began trial production, put into operation in October 5 kilns, is expected in 2006 Dai Hing Company production and sales of 15 million to 16 million. Huzhou Daxiang glass ceramics Limited company of science and technology: the company has great technical background for decades ceramic ware production, is a Taiwan funded enterprise has set in one of the melting and crystallization of glass ceramics production line, product quality level is higher. The total production and sales in 2005 were 5 million to 6 million (including the digested 2004 stock). In June 2006, the No. 2 kiln began to debug a molding experiment. August, No. 3 furnace started, is expected that tends to be normal in the production of 2006 sales season, the output will be doubled