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Driving mode of Liquid crystal display screen

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Liquid crystal display screen



The liquid crystal display TN and STN type, the use of simple driving electrode, are used in X, Y cross shaft to drive, as shown below, so if the display part is bigger and bigger, so the central part of the electrode reaction time may be longer. And in order to make the screen show the same, the overall speed will slow. Say simply, it is the CRT display screen update frequency fast enough, the user will feel the screen flicker, beating; or when needed fast 3D animation display, but the display speed cannot keep up, to show the fruit may have delayed phenomenon. So, early LCD displays are limited in size, and are not suitable for seeing a movie or playing a 3D game.

为了改善此一情形,后来液晶显示技术采用了主动式矩阵(active-matrix addressing)的方式来驱动,这是目前达到高数据密度液晶显示效果的理想装置,且分辨率极高。方法是利用薄膜技术所做成的硅晶体管电极,利用扫描法来选择任意一个显示点(pixel)的开与关。这其实是利用薄膜式晶体管的非线性功能来取代不易控制的液晶非线性功能。如上图,在TFT型液晶显器中,导电玻璃上画上网状的细小线路,电极则由是薄膜式晶体管所排列而成的矩阵开关,在每个线路相交的地方则有着一弄控制匣,虽然驱动讯号快速地在各显示点扫瞄而过,但只有电极上晶体管矩阵中被选择的显示点得到足以驱动液晶分子的电压,使液晶分子轴转向而成“亮”的对比,不被选择的显示点自然就是“暗”的对比,也因此避免了显示功能对液晶电场效应能力的依靠。

In order to improve this situation, the LCD technology was driven by active matrix (active-matrix addressing). This is the ideal device to achieve high data density liquid crystal display effect, and the resolution is very high. The method is to use the thin film technology to make the silicon transistor electrode, and use the scanning method to select the opening and closing of any display point (pixel). This is actually the use of the nonlinear function of the thin film transistors to replace the non - controlled liquid crystal nonlinear functions. Pictured above, a TFT type liquid crystal display device, conductive glass painting small Internet line shaped electrode, by matrix thin film transistor switch is arranged in the intersection, each line has a place to get control box, although the driving signal quickly in the display of point scanning over, but show only the selected electrode transistor in the matrix by voltage is sufficient to drive the liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal molecules and steering "bright" contrast display are naturally the "dark" contrast is not selected, and therefore avoid the display function of the electric field effect of liquid crystal on ability.