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- Jan 17, 2018 -

 Flexible PCB is a highly reliable, flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. It has the characteristics of high distribution line density, light weight, thin thickness and good bending.


Prenatal treatment of flexible PCB


In the production process, in order to prevent short circuit caused by excessive low yield or reduce drilling, rolling, cutting and other rough process problems that led to the FPC board scrap and material supplement, flexible circuit board and assess how the material can achieve the best effect of customer use, prenatal pretreatment is particularly important.


Pre - prenatal treatment needs to be handled in three aspects, all of which are completed by the Engineer in the three aspects. The first is the assessment of FPC in engineering, mainly evaluate the FPC customer whether it can produce, whether the company's production capacity to meet the requirements of customers and the system board unit cost; if the project evaluation through then need to immediately prepare raw materials to meet the various production processes for, finally, engineers on the structure diagram,: CAD customer Gerber data line project files, suitable for the production environment and the production specifications of production equipment, and production drawings and MI (engineering process card) data transferred to the production department and document control, procurement and other departments, the conventional production process.


Flexible circuit board production process


Flexible circuit board double board system

开料→ 钻孔→ PTH → 电镀→ 前处理→ 贴干膜 → 对位→曝光→ 显影 → 图形电镀 → 脱膜 → 前处理→ 贴干膜 →对位曝光→ 显影 →蚀刻 → 脱膜→ 表面处理 → 贴覆盖膜 → 压制 → 固化→ 沉镍金→ 印字符→ 剪切→ 电测 → 冲切→ 终检→包装 → 出货

Open material, hole drilling, PTH, plating, pretreatment, paste dry film, para, exposing, developing, stripping, figure plating, pretreatment, dry film lamination, exposure, developing, etching, stripping, surface treatment, cover film, pressing, solidifying and electroless nickel gold, India, shear character electrical measurement, punching, and final inspection, packing and shipment


Single panel system of flexible circuit board

开料→ 钻孔→贴干膜 → 对位→曝光→ 显影 →蚀刻 → 脱膜→ 表面处理 → 贴覆盖膜 → 压制 → 固化→表面处理→沉镍金→ 印字符→ 剪切→ 电测 → 冲切→ 终检→包装 → 出货

They are: material opening, drilling, drying, film developing, aligning, exposing, developing, etching, debinding, surface treatment, covering, film pressing, solidification, surface treatment, nickel deposition, printing, character printing, cutting, electrical testing, punching, final inspection, packaging and shipment.


Characteristics of flexible circuit board


The short short assembly time:


All lines are configured to complete. Save redundant lines of connection work


FPC circuit board

⒉ 小:体积比PCB小

The small volume is smaller than PCB


It can effectively reduce the volume of the product. Increase the convenience of carrying.

⒊ 轻:重量比 PCB (硬板)轻

3: light weight ratio PCB (hard) light


The weight of the final product can be reduced.

4 薄:厚度比PCB薄

4 thinner: thinner than PCB thinner


Can improve the softness. Strengthen the assembly of three degree space in the limited space


Application of flexible circuit board


Mobile phone


Focusing on the light weight and thin thickness of the flexible circuit board, it can effectively save the volume of the product, easily connect the battery, the microphone, and the key.


Computer and LCD screen


Using a single line configuration of a flexible circuit board and a thin thickness. The digital signal is turned into a picture and is presented through the LCD screen.


CD Walkman

着重柔性电路板的三度空间组装特性与薄的厚度. 将庞大的CD化成随身携带的良伴

The three dimension focuses on the flexible circuit board assembly properties and thin thickness. The huge companion carry into CD


Disc machine

无论硬碟或软碟,都十分依赖FPC的高柔软度以及0.1mm的超薄厚度,完成快速的读取资料. 不管是PC或NOTEBOOK.

Both hard and soft discs are very dependent on the high softness of FPC and the ultra-thin thickness of 0.1mm to complete fast reading data, whether it's PC or NOTEBOOK..


Latest use

硬盘驱动器(HDD,hard disk drive)的悬置电路(Su印ensi。n cireuit)和xe封装板等的构成要素

The mounting circuit of the HDD (hard disk drive) (Su print Ensi). The components of the N cireuit) and the Xe packaging board


The wireless charging coil array, which concentrates the electromagnetic field in a certain area, reduces the consumption of space transmission, thus improving the efficiency of electric energy conversion.


Basic structure of flexible circuit board

铜箔基板(Copper Film)

Copper foil substrate (Copper Film)

铜箔:基本分成电解铜与压延铜两种. 厚度上常见的为1oz 1/2oz 和 1/3 oz

Copper foil: it is basically divided into two kinds: electrolytic copper and calendering copper. The common thickness is 1oz 1/2oz and 1/3 oz


Substrate film: the common thickness has two kinds of 1mil and 1/2mil.


Glue (agent): the thickness depends on the customer's requirement.

覆盖膜保护胶片(Cover Film)

Cover film protection film (Cover Film)

覆盖膜保护胶片:表面绝缘用. 常见的厚度有1mil与1/2mil.

Cover film protection film: surface insulation. Common thickness is 1mil and 1/2mil.


Glue (agent): the thickness depends on the customer's requirement.


Out of shape paper: avoid the following agent to be attached to the foreign body before pressing; easy to work.

补强板(PI Stiffener Film)

PI Stiffener Film

补强板: 补强FPC的机械强度,方便表面实装作业.常见的厚度有3mil到9mil.

Reinforcing plate: the mechanical strength of reinforced FPC, surface mount convenient operation. The common thickness of 3mil to 9mil.


Glue (agent): the thickness depends on the customer's requirement.


Out of shape paper: avoid the following agent to be attached to the foreign body before pressing.


EMI: electromagnetic shielding film, the protection of line in the circuit board is not disturbed by the outside world (strong electromagnetic area or easily disturbed area).


Advantages and disadvantages of flexible circuit board


The advantages of multilayer circuit board assembly: high density, small size, light weight, high density assembly, because components (including the components) the connection between reduced, thereby increasing the reliability; can increase the wiring layer, and then increase the design flexibility; impedance can constitute the circuit, can be formed with high-speed transmission circuits and can setting circuit, electromagnetic shielding layer, core layer can also install metal heat insulation and other functions to meet the special needs of convenient installation, high reliability.


The shortcomings of multi-layer PCB board (unqualified): high cost, long period, high reliability test method. Multi-layer printed circuit is the product of electronic technology, multi-function, high speed, small volume and large capacity direction. With the development of electronic technology, especially the wide application of large-scale and ultra large scale integrated circuit, fast, high precision, high high density multilayer printed circuit to change the direction of the appearance of fine lines.


Key points of flexible circuit board


The process requirements FPC surface SMT and conventional PCB and SMT solutions have many differences, SMT process to do FPC, the most important is the location. Because the hardness of the FPC board is not enough, it is soft. If you do not use the special board, it can not be fixed and transmitted, and the printing and patch can not be completed.