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lcd common two technical parameters is what

- Nov 29, 2017 -


The control ICs, filters, and directional films used in LCD manufacturing are related to the contrast of the panel. To the average user, the contrast ratio of 350: 1 is enough, but the contrast in the professional field does not satisfy the users The demand. Relative to CRT monitors easily reach 500: 1 or even higher contrast, only high-end LCD monitors to achieve this level.


LCD is a substance between the solid and liquid, itself can not be light, you need to use an extra light source Caixing. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the LCD brightness. The earliest liquid crystal display only two up and down the lamp, the lowest of universal type is four lights, the high-end is six lights. Four lamp design is divided into three kinds of display: one is the four sides have a lamp, but the disadvantage is the shadow of the middle, the solution is to arrange the way from top to bottom four tubes, The last one is the "U" type of display, in fact, two lights produced by the two lights in disguise. Six tube design is actually the use of three lamps, manufacturers will be three lamps are bent into a "U" type, and then placed in parallel to achieve the effect of six lamps.