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LCD LCD screen ITO glass main technical indicators

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Conductive glass for the manufacture of liquid crystal display must meet certain requirements in order to produce qualified products. Specifically there are the following indicators.

Light transmittance is good

Conductive glass must be transparent, usually required in the visible light transmittance of more than 80%. The transmittance of ITO glass mainly depends on the glass material, ITO thickness and refractive index.

Light transmittance is a very important optical properties of transparent materials. Transmittance is expressed as a percentage of the ratio of luminous flux to incident luminous flux that passes through the material and is usually the normal "C" light source that illuminates a transparent or translucent material in parallel with the light perpendicular to the material. The ratio of luminous flux T2 to incident luminous flux T1 Of the percentage.

Tt = T2 / T1 * 100

Light transmittance test principle is to test the relative value of T1, T2, no incident light, the received luminous flux is 0, when no sample, the incident light completely transmitted, the received luminous flux of 100, that is T1; Sample, the instrument to receive through the flux of T2. Transmittance of the test instrument for the photometer.