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LCD module-- The liquid crystal display module

- May 16, 2018 -

                                                           LCD module-- The liquid crystal display module

The liquid crystal display module is a kind of assembly of liquid crystal display devices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlights, and structural components. The English name is "LCDModule", abbreviated as "LCM", and Chinese is generally called "liquid crystal display module". It is actually a commercial component. According to China's relevant national standards, only inseparable integrated components are called “modules” and detachables are called “components”. So the normative name should be called "liquid crystal display component". However, people have long been accustomed to calling it a "module."


The liquid crystal display device is a high-tech basic component. Although it has a wide range of applications, it is still difficult for many people to use and assemble. In particular, dot-matrix liquid crystal display devices, the user will feel no way to start. Special connection methods and required special equipment are also not understood and possessed by everyone. Therefore, users of liquid crystal display devices hope that someone can do it by hand. The liquid crystal display device is integrated with the control and driver ICs to form a functional component. It can be assembled into a complete system using traditional techniques.


Broadly speaking, all parts that are assembled together by liquid crystal display devices and integrated circuits belong to "modules," but in practice, what we often refer to as "modules" mainly refers to dot-matrix liquid crystal display modules that are equipped with dot-matrix liquid crystal display devices. Especially because it is the dot matrix liquid crystal display device products except some special large-volume varieties (such as translators, communications), the manufacturer is directly to the user to supply liquid crystal display devices, almost all general-purpose dot-matrix liquid crystal display devices are After being processed into a module, it is only supplied to the user, so it is easy to form a misunderstanding of the "liquid crystal module" or "dotted liquid crystal module.

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