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- Dec 12, 2017 -

1.What are advantages and disadvantages on OLED?

2. Where are the OLED applied?

3. What is mechanism of OLED?

OLED’s advantages

Organic light-emitting diode is called OLED for short. Compared with the traditional luminescent materials, OLED has many advantages.light weight low costadvantageshigh luminous efficiencygood low-temperature performance Simple manufacturing process

OLED’s disadvantages

Like a coin has two sides, OLED also has disadvantages ,Such as short lifespan, can't realize volume production of large size screen. Scholars further investigations are in progress to improve the studies and the application of OLED, and overcome shortcomings.

OLED applications

OLEDs are widely used in various fields OLED ApplicationsFlexible displayTransparent display

The mechanism of OLED

Organic electroluminescent is a process of electric energy into light energy, namely the carrier injection from the electrodes