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One trick OLED self luminescent TV is true and false: whether the screen is OLED screen

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Key hints: false self luminescent TV: LED screen. LED's screen is a backdrop of technology. Because it doesn't bring any benefits to the consumer, it has been increasing the cost, it's just a change in shape, but it's on the LED screen. LED's screen is a backdrop of technology. Because it does not bring any benefits to consumers, it has been increasing costs, it is just a change in shape, but it also makes consumers pay more. The LED screen itself is not designed for surfaces, and consists of many parts. When the screen is turned into curved surfaces, these parts cannot be bent into bending. This is also the main reason why the LED surface is thick or even the back is still using graphic design.


Real self luminescent TV: OLED screen. The surface TV of the OLED screen is not fully mature. What is doubtful is the life of service. It is difficult to conclude that how long the OLED screen surface TV can last, this is a reason with the mobile phone. The key is to see personal use. The long life time is short, but the life expectancy is long.


The OLED display technology more than 20, in a 30 inch screen, after reaching the panel size for the TV, many OLED problems are not resolved for many years, such as light attenuation speed, short service life, technical defects, image display is too bright, not natural, so OLED to today, the real promotion value, profit is the small size of the screen area of 10 inches or less, such as intelligent mobile phone, the small size of the display device.