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Science: why AMOLED screens don't have to be arranged in RGB

- Feb 02, 2018 -

先简单介绍一下,AMOLED屏是英文Active-matrix organic light emitting diode的简写,拥有超高的色彩还原能力和色彩逼真程度,而能耗的降低与超薄的设计更是得众多手机厂商的青睐。而RGB排列则是目前运用最广的颜色系统之一,是通过对红(R)、绿(G)、蓝(B)三个颜色通道的变化以及它们相互之间的叠加来得到各式各样的颜色的,RGB即是代表红、绿、蓝三个通道的颜色,这个三个通道组成的颜色几乎包括了人类视力所能感知的所有颜色。

First, let's introduce briefly. The AMOLED screen is the abbreviation of English Active-matrix organic light emitting diode, which has super high ability of color restoration and color fidelity, and the reduction of energy consumption and ultra-thin design are favored by many mobile phone manufacturers. While the RGB is arranged is to use one of the most widely used color system, is based on the red (R), green (G) and blue (B) and the variation of the three color channels are superimposed on each other to get every kind of color, RGB that is representative of the red, green and blue three color channels this, consisting of three channels of color include almost all colors the human eye can perceive.


And why don't you use the RGB arrangement? Why, the main thing is that one problem is that it involves cost problems, but it is a big problem that involves cost benefits.


As everyone knows, the arrangement of high definition RGB screen display, delicate, color reproduction is real, many obsessive users also have been looking forward to be able to use the RGB AMOLED screen arranged on the screen, the AMOLED screen can strive for further improvement, but there is no accessories business on this aspect function to upgrade, to all the users the flowers are gone half days.


Where is the reason for that cost?


RGB arrangement is the most standard arrangement. It divides a square shaped pixel into three equal parts, and each block gives different colors, so that it can form a color pixel.


As a picture, this is a standard RGB pixel arrangement (crying for the drawing ability to not make up a slot).

而AMOLED屏幕大多用的是Pentile RGB排列方式,Pentile RGB单个像素点与标准的RGB排列方式不一样。

The AMOLED screen is mostly used in the Pentile RGB arrangement, and the single pixel point of Pentile RGB is not the same as the standard RGB arrangement.


As shown here, this is the way of pixel arrangement of most AMOLED screens at present. Each pixel is arranged in red green or blue green way, and when arranged side by side, the sub-pixel is skillfully shared, so that the whole screen can still achieve full color display. (as shown below)


In this way, each pixel is a sub pixel that reduce cost greatly reduced, due to the increased resolution of the current mobile phone, reduce the pixel does not make high resolution screen display in major flaws, and display in the visual aspects of the more vivid when watching movies, photos of good results, basically no sense of particles, the user experience is also ok. It is only in word display or logo display that there will be a sense of particle, but the overall effect is not significant.

对于每一个商家来说。便宜且性能好,才是最重要的。而RGB排列相比现在的Pentile RGB排列的成本过高,显示性能方面并不是能够秒杀Pentile RGB。使得AMOPLED屏幕一直对RGB排列敬而远之。

For every business. Cheap and good performance, is the most important. The RGB arrangement is more expensive than the current Pentile RGB arrangement, showing that the performance aspect is not capable of killing Pentile RGB. The AMOPLED screen has always been in respect of the RGB arrangement.