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The advantages of electronic paper

- Jun 11, 2018 -

                                        The advantages of electronic paper

1.Easy to read

       The electronic paper display screen displays the pattern by reflecting ambient light. It has the effect of paper printing. Compared with traditional transmissive liquid crystal displays, e-paper displays do not require backlights and are easy to read. Even under sunlight, e-paper displays are still clearly visible. In addition, the electronic paper display is soft, non-glare, and flicker-free, and the viewing angle is almost 180°. Therefore, the electronic paper display is very suitable for reading.

                                e-ink display.jpg

2. Light and flexible

   Compared with ordinary liquid crystal displays, e-paper has obvious advantages in both thickness and weight. The reason for this is that besides its simple structure, it also benefits from the fact that electronic paper itself is based on a flexible plastic film material; At the same time, it also makes it inherently flexible and bendable; in addition, it can be arbitrarily cut to various shapes as needed. These advantages of e-Paper, so that he will not be substantially affected by the shape, size and structure of the product, it can be almost "glue" on the surface of any product. It meets the needs of today's flexible display technology development.

3. Energy saving

    The electronic paper display screen is a good player in energy saving and energy saving. There are mainly two reasons. First of all, it does not need a backlight, which is a big consumer of electricity. This part usually consumes more than 60% of the power of ordinary LCD monitors. Second, electronic paper has a distinctive characteristic - bistable. Bistability means that, when a static image is displayed,  e-Paper can consume no power at all. In other words, even if all power is turned off, the electronic paper display can retain the last frame. This means that we don't need the need to continuously maintain the power supply for the e-paper display like traditional LCD displays, but only need to provide a small amount of power when switching display screens. It is easy to understand that electronic paper displays are much more energy-efficient than traditional liquid crystal displays.


    Take an e-reader using e-paper technology. In normal use, charge it once and you can continue reading for more than two weeks. If it is a liquid crystal display device of the same size, the same battery capacity can only support the use of several hours.

   Reliability and durability? Don't worry, the performance and lifespan of e-paper have been proven over time and proven to be stable and reliable. Electronic paper meets the specifications and performance required for demanding industrial display products.