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The introduce about e-ink's partial refresh

- Jun 12, 2018 -

                                   The introduce about e-ink's partial refresh

Can the dot matrix electronic ink screen achieve partial refresh? How to achieve that?


OK has introduced a number of graphics dot matrix e-ink screens that can achieve partial refresh function. At present, e-ink screens that support fast local refresh have 1.54 inch, 2.13 inch and 2.9 inch electronic paper screens. Whether or not the brush can be used depends on whether the controller used on the electronic paper screen and the used electronic paper film are supported. For e-paper screens that do not support partial refresh, the partial refresh display is not ideal.

For the electronic paper screen that supports the bureau's brush, OK Electronic will provide the customer with the most comprehensive technical support. Please contact Jane 008613316853289


The effect of local refresh is not good. What is the reason? Sometimes when the entire screen is refreshed, the background color is still relatively dark. Can this be adjusted?


The main reasons for the poor performance of the bureau brush are as follows:

1. First, make sure whether the local brush drive time and waveform file drive time are the same.

2. In addition to prevent ghosting, it is necessary to increase the black and white display refresh interval time;

3. Or increase the delay properly, although it affects the refresh rate, but the display contrast obtained will be better.

4. The driver chip selected for the electronic paper display does not support partial refresh. At this time, the electronic paper display that supports partial refresh should be selected.

5. At present, we support the partial refresh of small-size electronic paper display with  1.54-inch electronic paper screen, 2.13-inch electronic paper screen, and 2.9-inch electronic paper screen.

6. The large size electronic screen of the parallel port can use our TCON interface board to support local refresh.

The background color is darker, which could be adjustable