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What is the difference between LCD and AMOLED screen? 03

- Aug 10, 2018 -

                   What is the difference between LCD and AMOLED screen? 03


After talking about AMOLED, let's talk about LCD. The LCD is called Liquid Crystal Display, and the illumination method is very different from the AMOLED screen. 

Unlike AMOLED screen pixels, which can be independently illuminated, all pixel illumination of an LCD screen relies on a uniform backlight layer. Of course, for some large-size LCD screens used on some TVs, multiple light sources may be equipped to reduce power consumption.

Strictly speaking, there is no wavelength corresponding to white light in the world, and white light is only a mixed light of multiple colors of light. For this reason, the LCD can only produce a white backlight by means of backlight + phosphor, and the most common combination is blue backlight + yellow phosphor.


The white light generated by the backlight layer will convert the fully polarized light into linearly polarized light with uniform vibration direction, and then pass through the liquid crystal molecular layer, and according to different voltages, the liquid crystal molecules will have different twist angles, thereby Polarize the white light, twist the direction of the vibration, then generate different colors through the red, green and blue filters, and finally pass the second polarizing layer (perpendicular to the first layer) to control the light intensity. 

Finally, Different colors are realized by the combination of the intensity of light of three different colors of red, green and blue.