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What is the segment code lcd display

- May 07, 2018 -

Segment code LCD or segment code LCD screen, but LCD screen users for a certain type of LCD screen is a name, but in the LCD industry, generally referred to as the pattern of the LCD screen, so as to distinguish between the point Formation of the LCD screen, so paragraph code LCD screen is not a very strict statement or classification.

The name of the segment code LCD is originated from the beginning of the application of the early LCD display. It is mainly used to replace the LED digital tube (it is composed of 7 segments, used to display the number 0~9), such as calculation The displays, clocks, and so on, are basically numbers, and they are relatively simple. Now, non-lattice LCD screens are generally referred to as segment code LCD screens.


The advantage of segment code LCD screen is that it requires low requirements for the main control chip, simple software, low cost for controlling the LCD screen and main control.


Segment code LCD screen Disadvantage: It is text that cannot be changed.


Instruments and meters: gas meters, water meters, bus systems, fuel dispensers, counting screens Office equipment: fax machines, punch machines, attendance machines, access control systems Communication equipment: various IC card phones, Internet phones, IP phones

Banking system: POS machine

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Tax System: Tax Control Machine

Medical Equipment: Physiological Monitors and Health Care Devices

Industrial Control Equipment: Automation Control

Various human-machine interfaces, handheld devices, etc.