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What methods to deal with the LCD module anti-static?

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Usually the human body sometimes produces high tens of tens of volts or hundreds of volts static electricity, in the operation, assembly, and use should be extremely careful, it is imperative to prevent static electricity.

1, Do not use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Because it produces strong static electricity. There is air dry, will also produce static electricity, therefore, workplace humidity should be above RH60%.

2, do not feel free to touch the outer leads, the circuit board and metal box. If direct contact is required, the body and the module should be kept at the same potential.

3, the ground, table, chairs, shelves, trolleys and tools should be made between the resistance contacts to keep it at the same potential.

4, static breakdown is a kind of irreparable damage, be sure to pay attention, can not be the same. Take care when removing or returning the bag or moving it, and do not generate static electricity. Do not change the packaging or abandon the original packaging.

5, operating tools such as electric screwdriver must be well grounded, there is no leakage. The most important thing to note is that the soldering iron used for soldering must be well grounded and there is no leakage.