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Why should we choose eink

- Aug 01, 2018 -

The "EINK" technology was developed by E Ink of Cambridge, Mass., and has entered the market stage. 

EInk's pioneering work based on MIT was created in 1997. 

In order to develop products and applications, they are moved out of the laboratory, and then goods are sold in the market.

Key personnel in management include Randy Chan, Vice President of Commodity Development; Javed Chaudhary, Vice President of Manufacturing; Paul Drgaic, Director of Process Technology; Jim Juliano, President and CEO, Rey Kelly, Vice President of Sales; Ian Morrison, Process Director; Ken Titledawm, Deputy Director of Finance, Deputy 

President and Manager Russ Wilcox.

Investors of “EINK” raised $15.8 million for E Ink in the first round. 

The venture capital is A pplied Technology, Atlcs Vcnture Capital and Solstice Capital. 

Cooperative investments include Motorola, Creivis, Interpublic and Hearst. 

These partner positions provide expertise in the rapid development of applications and products.

E Ink's second round of corporate common stock financing in January 2000 was $37 million, which enabled the board's strategic partners to benefit from E Ink's e-ink process development key media industry. 

E Ink will use these funds to promote the research and production of electronic ink. 

From the lab to additional commercial applications, including E Ink's ultimate goal, reprintable books and newspapers.