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AMOLED Screen And IPS LCD Panel, Which Is Better?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

              AMOLED screen and IPS LCD panel, which is better?

We can see that the AMOLED display is currently gaining momentum. People like the fact that the AMOLED screen is better than the LCD screen. The reason is that the colors are brighter, the screen is brighter, and the eyeballs are easier to attract. Many current popular models use AMOLED screens such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Nokia Lumia 925. However, the current mobile phone industry is changing rapidly. In fact, after the stunning debut of the LG Optimus G Pro with Full HD IPS LCD panels, the feeling of AMOLED screen dominance is being broken.


The current mobile phone screens are various and the display effects are different. However, in the final analysis, the screen materials are nothing more than the LCD and OLED mentioned above (the Nokia Lumia 928 uses OLED materials). What is the difference between these two materials? Which screen is better in the end? Next we understand the AMOLED screen and IPS screen from the perspective of popular science.

What is an OLED material screen? What is an AMOLED panel? What is Super AMOLED technology?

OLED: Organic Light Emitting Display, an organic light emitting display, is a newly emerging category on the mobile phone LCD and is known as the "Dream Monitor." OLED display technology differs from traditional LCD display methods in that it does not require a backlight, uses a very thin organic material coating, and has a glass substrate. When an electric current passes through, these organic materials emit light. Moreover, the OLED display screen can be made lighter and thinner, have a larger viewing angle, and can significantly save power. However, although OLEDs with better technologies will replace LCDs such as TFTs in the future, organic light-emitting display technologies have shortcomings such as short service life and difficulty in large-sized screens. Samsung's AMOLED series panels are based on OLED screens.