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Apple May Soon Get Another OLED Display Supplier

- Jan 04, 2018 -

This year, Apple introduced the iPhone X, which included (among other standout features) an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display. OLED displays have several advantages compared to traditional liquid crystal displays (LCDs), such as improved contrast ratios (this boosts image quality) and faster pixel response times.

However, OLEDs have traditionally been tricky to manufacture, and the only company that is believed to be able to manufacture OLED displays good enough to meet Apple's high display quality standards is Samsung Display, a group within the broader SamsungElectronics conglomerate. 

Apple's iPhone X.

Image source: Apple.

Samsung's pole position in the manufacture of high-quality OLED displays allows it to enjoy price leverage over Apple, as Apple has one else to buy OLED displays for its devices from. Apple would almost certainly like to have several capable suppliers in the mix to not only regain some pricing leverage, but to mitigate the range of other risks associated with being dependent on a single supplier -- especially one that's a sister company to a direct competitor (in this case, Samsung Mobile). 

Two potential alternatives to Samsung Display -- LG Display  and but there hasn't been anything definitive about if or when they'd begin supplying mobile OLED displays to Apple. 

But thanks to a recent statement from LG Display, spotted by The Korea Herald, we may know soon if LG Display will be added to the mix.