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- Aug 14, 2018 -

E Ink, a global e-paper leader, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Shanghai Aooma Information Technology Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Ao Ma”), the leader of China's intelligent bus system solutions, to jointly promote smart bus stations in Shanghai. 

Card system deployment. 

Based on Shanghai AoMa's bus system solution and E Ink electronic paper technology, under the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, the electronic ink screen intelligent bus stop system can provide convenient information such as bus lines, arrival time and weather forecast in real time, greatly improving 

The citizen's green wisdom travel experience.

Zhou Ao, general manager of Shanghai Aoma, said: “Shanghai Aoma is committed to the independent research and development of intelligent public transportation products, focusing on providing system solutions for the construction of public transportation cities and the operation of public transportation enterprises. We are actively responding to the sustainable development and intelligent transformation of the country. 

Initiatives have recently participated in the construction of intelligent public transportation systems for large cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, and promoted the application of green energy in smart public transportation. The strategic cooperation with E Ink will further advance the future of electronic ink screens in China. 

The application of the bus industry will create a comprehensive green intelligent transportation solution. Next, Shanghai AoMa will gradually promote the electronic ink screen bus stop to the whole country, bringing leap-forward technological innovation to the city's intelligent transportation."

E Ink Yuantai Technology General Manager Li Zhengyu said: "Electronic paper has bistable and reflective technical characteristics, resulting in electronic paper with low power consumption, energy saving and clear visibility in outdoor sunlight, will be wisdom in smart cities. 

Transportation, new retail, smart education and other fields play an important role. Through this cooperation, we hope to jointly display and promote the innovative application of e-paper in the field of intelligent transportation, improve the public travel experience, and promote the public transportation field. 

Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly development. E Ink will continue to focus on the broad prospects of IoT applications, and work with ecosystem partners to provide diversified solutions for different smart application scenarios."

Since May 2018, E Ink has cooperated with Shanghai AoMa to build four bus shelters and bus stop signs equipped with electronic paper displays in Shanghai Puxi. It has entered the trial operation stage and received positive response from the public. 

The intelligent bus shelter and bus stop with E Ink electronic paper display can display passengers' traffic information such as bus arrival time and dynamic route location in real time, and reduce the high maintenance cost of manpower update bus information. 

In direct sunlight, the electronic paper display screen is clearly visible, supports wide viewing angle display, and the bistable characteristic makes it only consume power when replacing the screen, with ultra-low power consumption. 

In addition, considering the public night viewing experience, in addition to the use of electronic paper display technology, Shanghai Ao Ma also added a leading light source for smart bus stop signs to create a comfortable eye-protection experience for night-time waiting, making electronic ink paper the most suitable for outdoor intelligence. 

The display of the bus stop sign.

The e-ink screen stop plate put into trial operation has the drive and control system independently developed by Shanghai Aoma, integrating the use characteristics of 4G network communication and ink screen, and using advanced solar charging and dual battery power supply technology to ensure the stability of the ink screen. 

It provides trouble-free power supply and can meet the use of unpowered bus stations with very low power consumption. 

In addition, Shanghai Aoma's advanced screen full-fit technology can effectively prevent the occurrence of condensation and ensure the normal operation of the screen under long-term harsh conditions. At the same time, the domestic leading network management platform can greatly reduce the on-site inspection through online inspection. 

The work load of inspection improves the operational efficiency and operational capability of intelligent transportation.