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Electronic Speed Up The Pace Of Technological Upgrading For Domestic Enterprises Flexible Circuit Board

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Electronic speed up the pace of technological upgrading for domestic enterprises flexible circuit board


Recently, the domestic flexible circuit board (FPC) for electronic enterprises chairman Li Xiaohua said that the national strategic level upgrade from manufacturing industries, or to see the sustainable development from the perspective of the domestic market and mature enterprises, local manufacturers shift to high-end imperative. At present, the focus of global FPC and even PCB (printed circuit board) industry has been transferred to China. Chinese enterprises should not only focus on primary processing and increments, but should intensify the upgrading of the whole industry and gradually take the lead in the high-end market.


Li Xiaohua said that the domestic semiconductor industry has been suddenly speeding up this year, and as a direct related industry, FPC has also been boosted. The consumer electronics update cycle, including smart phones, has been shortened. New technologies and new technologies have been widely used as the terminal products that are directly applied to FPC products. The upgrading and large-scale shipments also led to a substantial increase in FPC products. From the perspective of shipments, China has accounted for half of the global FPC shipments. It is already the world's largest FPC production market, and is still growing at a relatively high speed. This will also create more opportunities and development opportunities for local manufacturers. From the perspective of industrial added value alone, domestic manufacturers still take the low end capacity as the main body, and the middle and high-end market capacity and core technology are also in the hands of manufacturers in the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries.


In the upgrade of industry transfer to the high-end market, in order to reach electronics as the representative of the domestic FPC companies have launched this year in action and deployment. In the implementation of comprehensive automation, intelligent production line, ensure production capacity and greatly improves the quality of the premise, to electronic invest a lot of money for high-end talent to attract and cutting-edge technology research and development, and in the first half of this year the rapid configuration is complete an entire high-end talent team, including all aspects of technology, research and development, production, sales and management etc.. As of now, for electronic has been in the flex plate areas to achieve a breakthrough, the basic ability of production and shipping capacity. In addition, the second half of this year, in Jiangsu Pizhou Shangda electronic COF project launched a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan, the project will be completed and put into production in the next two years, and became the first domestic independent COF production line, thus breaking the monopoly in the field of South korea. According to another report, still Shangda electronic intelligent vehicle, flexible display, 5G terminal and artificial intelligent terminal and other downstream emerging market in advance to make arrangements, is now ready to develop the technology, and is actively preparing for mass production