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In 2017, 5 Local FPC Manufacturers Will Break Through 1 Billion Yuan In Revenue

- Jan 29, 2018 -

The Ministry of monitoring and Coordination Bureau released in October this year before the date of the electronic information industry operation, 1-10 months of electronic information manufacturing industry continued steady for the good development trend, production continued to maintain rapid growth, enhance the level of industrial efficiency, scale electronic information manufacturing industry added value increased by 13.8%, faster than all above scale industrial growth 7.1 percentage points.

其中,电子元件行业和电子器件行业分别以18%和20.7%的增幅领跑整个电子信息制造业。受此利好,素有“电子产品之母”称号的PCB产业继续保持快速发展,尤其以柔性电路板领域发展最为迅猛。据Prismark 预测,2016-2021 年本土厂商营收可实现8%的复合年均增速,占全球FPC总营收的比例将达到近17%。

Among them, the electronic component industry and electronic device industry, respectively, have led the whole electronic information manufacturing industry with the increase of 18% and 20.7% respectively. By this good, the PCB industry, known as the "mother of electronic products", has continued to develop rapidly, especially in the field of flexible circuit board. According to Prismark forecasts, 2016-2021 years of local manufacturers revenue can achieve a composite annual growth rate of 8%, accounting for nearly 17% of the total global revenue of FPC.


According to forecasts, in 2017 there will be 5 domestic manufacturers FPC revenue exceeded 1 billion yuan, gross margin will be reached or exceeded the international level, the domestic leading enterprises flexible circuit board for electronic is one of them.


In this regard, Shangda electronic chairman Li Xiaohua said that this is mainly due to the high concentration of positive this year. "One is the national policy strongly promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, FPC as a high-end manufacturing industry has become the focus of the object support; two is the year of the domestic semiconductor industry suddenly accelerated, as directly related to the industry, FPC has also been boosted; three is the intelligent mobile phone, including the consumer electronic update cycle, new technology and new technology application FPC, as the end product of the direct application of the products, the upgrading and large-scale shipments also led to a sharp increase of FPC products."


From the perspective of shipments, China has accounted for half of the global FPC shipments. We are already the world's largest FPC production market, and are still growing at a relatively high speed. This will also create more opportunities and development opportunities for local manufacturers. From the perspective of industrial added value alone, domestic manufacturers are still focusing on low end capacity, and the high-end market capacity and core technology are also in the hands of manufacturers in the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries.


Li Xiaohua believes that no matter from the national strategic level of manufacturing transformation and upgrading, or from the perspective of domestic market maturity and sustainable development of enterprises, it is imperative for local manufacturers to shift to high-end businesses. At present, the focus of global FPC and even PCB industry has been transferred to China. We can't just focus on primary processing and increments. Instead, we should step up the upgrading of the whole industry and gradually take the lead in the high-end market.


In the upgrade of industry transfer to the high-end market, including several major domestic giants led to electronic operation has been launched and deployed in this year. In the implementation of comprehensive automation, intelligent production line, ensure production capacity and greatly improves the quality of the premise, to electronic invest a lot of money for high-end talent to attract and cutting-edge technology research and development, and in the first half of this year the rapid configuration is complete an entire high-end talent team, including all aspects of technology, research and development, production, sales and management etc.. At present, already has more than a senior electronics for overseas experts and professionals, while the manager level are at least ten years of European and American firms category or service experience in the industry elite.


Li Xiaohua said, talent is the core of our strategy to quickly enter the high-end market and international market, industrial upgrading needs not only technology R & D and production and sales faster and better, more needs a high-quality, high standard, high performing team, especially in the high-end market has experienced experience and deep understanding of the team, so that we can run faster.


In addition to the team, to seek technological breakthroughs in order to break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers is up another heavy electron. On the one hand, through the capital of starting up electronic technology and team of mergers and acquisitions in Japan and South Korea market, the rapid development of the tonic for; on the other hand, is more long-term and global, invested heavily to major breakthroughs in the field of subdivision.


As of now, for electronic has been in the flex plate areas to achieve a breakthrough, the basic ability of production and shipping capacity. In addition, the second half of this year, up electronics also launched the COF project in Jiangsu, Pizhou, a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan, the project will be completed and put into production in the next two years, and became the first domestic independent COF production line, thus breaking the monopoly in the field of South korea.


According to another report, still Shangda electronic intelligent vehicle, flexible display, 5G terminal and artificial intelligent terminal and other downstream emerging market in advance to make arrangements, is now ready to develop the technology, and is actively preparing for mass production.