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LCD Black And White Screen (TN, HTN, STN), What Are The Undesirable Phenomena?

- Nov 29, 2017 -

1. Short circuit: customers call the boot sounded, tweet, pay short, light leakage. This is because LCD black and white screen, the cable should not be connected together, but by us together, with a large current infinity (galvanometer scan will call), in the module to display some of the more light or missing bytes.

2. High current: the performance on the module is light, fuzzy or fast battery loss, if the power supply can be regarded as normal, electric current measurement is larger.

3. Open circuit: The customer calls this for less planning, lack of planning, hyphenation, in fact, ITO was scratched off, the module is also seen missing.

4. Etching Insufficient: Customers call it black spots, more points, the performance of the module or electrical measuring machine for more than a piece of the pattern.

5. Etching transition: The customer calls the word fine, the word deformation, the module or electrical measuring machine is displayed on a missing part of a byte.

6. Word light: refers to the higher Voff voltage. Customers generally called the word light, pale; divided into two kinds (1 @ local word light: caused by high current; 2 @ overall word light: LCD ratio or process conditions Related.) Determination: The factory for the electrical test at the same frequency, the same direction and the sample compared to the sample font blackness, the black at the same time, the voltage difference greater than a certain range, the factory NG. Module is displayed on the fuzzy can be said light.

7. ghosting: that is, the same word deep in the same voltage, the same orientation and sample word than the sample estimate the depth of the sample, the module is not to appear on the byte is not lit when the vague See, affecting the contrast.

8. Light leakage: LCD screen light leakage, the display byte is much lighter than normal.

9. Poor conductivity: The customer calls it blinking, the byte flashes, resulting in bytes blurry, poor contact, shaking, incomplete display, semi-significant, lack of planning ... ... The reason is poor conductivity, electrical measurements at normal voltage Displayed as a harsh byte or a part of the byte display is not stable at the point of fuzzy or not displayed. But the electrical test machine, the voltage increases, but also normal display, which is the difference with the "open circuit."

10. Uneven surface: Customers generally referred to uneven gray, uneven display, uneven bytes, white spots, black spots, stains ... ... electrical measurement shows that a word on the festival will be white or black small Little, and these small dots generally with the frequency of the electrical measuring machine and the size of the voltage to reduce or expand the module display is also true, so to determine the surface uneven frequency of the module is the output voltage of the factory is very important .

Figure white: customers call the word missing, the lack of part of the byte.