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LED Screen Enterprises Are Laid Out In Succession. Is The Prospect Of The COB Market Available?

- Mar 16, 2018 -

LED screen enterprises are laid out in succession. Is the prospect of the COB market available?

2018, it marks the beginning of a new year. At the same time, it is also a sign that the industry will enter a new round of layout plan. The 2017 LED showed that the small spacing made the domestic LED industry have a very clear direction: seeking market expansion with small spacing, and displaying the technological strength of enterprises with the "small" distance. About the market expansion of LED display industry, it also has achieved brilliant achievements in intelligent monitoring and other fields with the characteristics of small spacing, and also has a higher capital compared with LCD in quotient market.

Technically, small spacing is below P1.0. Conventional SMD packaging mode is facing great pressure at high cost and complex process difficulty, and it is hard to maintain its high stability. Although domestic manufacturers already have 0.7 and 0.8 mm spacing products, the product has not been mass produced and applied, and has encountered the limit and ceiling in "marketization".

As for the COB packaging technology, two step process directly with the package instead of the surface mount technology to package into beads after the surface mount ". As a more simplified engineering method, its cost change is more controllable under the same application scale, especially in the face of "smaller and smaller" pixels. That is to say, if the SMD surface paste can also speak on the price advantage on the P1.5 spacing product, the cost advantage of the SMD comparison will be reversed when the P1.0 and its distance are on the product. This is the simplification of the entire engineering link and the advantages of a chip level direct large scale package of LED crystals.

Now several domestic COB companies, with Lehman, Abison Hilda, several representative COB products.

As the industry's first COB Hilda electronic products manufacturer, its products have reached COB small spacing IP54 super protection level, change the traditional display lamp is fragile, cleaning and maintenance difficult situation, complemented nearly a million to one pixel control rate, explains the advantages of COB products in the heat, protection and other aspects, the launch of the WTV series the standard screen WS series COB display products based on the mainstream of the proportion of 16:9, 4K, 8K, 2K can achieve a resolution easily, the screen size covering 97 inches to 138 inches, the picture color uniformity is high, soft, seamless, high reliability products, exquisite and beautiful structure, is the industry's first integrated 3D display and touch screen control function of standard products, can be applied in the fields of education, health care, high-end business meetings etc..

But recently, Lehman also released the third generation of COB products - M series COB HD display panel products, including M1.9, M1.5, M1.2 three products, as the industry's first Lehman's third generation of the small pitch COB display technology, the LED display panel has a protective performance higher (shockproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, proof, anti-collision waterproof), higher reliability (low defect rate, long box fault free use time), higher contrast, better quality, more flexible and fast splicing and environmental adaptability of higher, can be widely used in the monitoring center, command center, conference and commercial display all kinds of indoor display,

For aibisen, on its ISLE also demonstrated the world's first application in the rental market of COB products, our COB products in Holland ISE exhibition by many European and American customers in the amount of recognition, display, flatness, anti Strike ability etc. after a large number of tests and the relevant certification, only launch such a large area of scene commercial COB products.

In addition, SONY, Samsung, Dakota, Vtron have on different occasions to show their COB products, witnessed in the stage, business meetings, leasing, command and control center application. From the end of the market started to lead the LED industry, COB market would like a small spacing quickly hot. Obviously, the driver is not sufficient to support the technology highlights the emergence of an industry, the more important place lies in the breakthrough and take cities and seize territory scenarios.

It is not to be ignored that the expansion of the market for the small spacing products for the original LED market still lies in the large screen market, such as intelligent monitoring and conference. For the expansion of the new market, the commercial market still belongs to the trial stage only. Can COB be able to attack some of the LCD's commercial markets with other advantages? Still the mystery of mysteries. However, for the market below P1.0 and the original DLP splicing market, COB has the absolute advantage of one battle. 2018, between the traditional small spacing, COB, LCD market will continue to fight each other, and the outbreak of COB round or will come.