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BOE Beats LG In Large Display Unit Shipment

- Dec 27, 2017 -

 "BOE has been aggressively attacking the IT display market in shipment volumes at a time when top-tier panel makers started to turn focus away from this segment," said Robin Wu, a principal analyst of large displays at IHS Markit.

According to IHS Markit, BOE sold more than 30 million units of small and medium-sized LCD panels in January alone, and tripled the shipments in incell and oncell panels thanks to technology breakthroughs.

BOE also takes number one position in larger-than-9-inch displays for tablets, notebook PCs and monitors in terms of unit shipment.

In particular, notebook PC displays showed BOE taking a 29 percent share, further widening the gap with the number two supplier Innolux, which took a 20 percent share.

Sigmaintell Consulting, another panel industry consultancy, said that BOE has obtained stable clients from home and abroad and will witness even more orders in the second quarter.