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Intelligent Electronic Shelf To Go On Display

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Uptech Ltd will display a series of consumer electronics, smart city and network device products at the 2013 China Hi-Tech Fair kicking off on Nov 16. Among all the products, its e-label products will revolutionize labeling in shopping malls. E-label products use LCD and radio technology to update and show commodity information, including name, price and place of production. It can replace traditional paper price tags in supermarkets.


Intelligent electronic shelf to go on display

The e-label system consists of four parts: system management software, an e-label, a USB wireless transceiver and wireless barcode scanning equipment. The whole process begins with establishing a database or importing a database to the management system. Then the commodity name, price and place of production are transferred to the e-label by USB wireless transceiver. The e-label products include eINK, LCD TN and LCD STN.

With the system, shopping malls and supermarkets can update commodity information in several steps. It takes only minutes to change the price of all commodities.