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OLED Always Goes First

- Sep 10, 2018 -

While many recent Sony TVs have been impressive in most ways, they’ve also been plagued by a series of frustrating bugs and firmware update problems. I’ve reported on most of these before - but now it seems there’s another one to add to the collection. And frustrated Sony OLED TV owners are telling me that this one has been dragging on without resolution for more than six months.

The latest issue sees pictures on Sony’s A1 and more recent A8F (AF8 in Europe) OLED TVs suddenly dimming down dramatically across the whole screen if you watch something that has a static image element in it for more than a minute. So, say, a video game with fixed HUD elements, or sporting events with static onscreen graphics.

There are videos in circulation that show just how severe the dimming is (including one here showing it impacting a God Of Wargaming session), and Sony OLED owners reporting that it made the recent World Cup tournament pretty much unwatchable, as well spoiling the vast majority of video games.

The dimming is particularly prone to occur with high dynamic range content, but can also happen with standard dynamic range content if an A1 or A8F is set to its high or even medium peak luminance level.

This distracting dimming was not there when the A1 OLED first came out, and is widely accepted to have been introduced to US Sony OLED TVs in January by firmware update v6.2858 (the update which, ironically, also introduced what turned out to be a problematic new version of Dolby Vision to Sony TVs with X1 Extreme processors).