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Participated In The German Exhibition In November 2018

- Aug 24, 2018 -

                       Participated in the German exhibition in November 2018

We will Participated in the German exhibition in November 2018.

For this exhibition, we have been preparing for more than a year. We have contacted many customers and friends near Germany. The total number of exhibitors in our company is 5, and two of them are managers of the sales department. We have invested heavily in this exhibition and prepared a lot. Professional display equipment, as well as products with advantages, there are less than three months, wait and see...

About the German exhibition 

The top event in the global electronics industry

Influential: ELECTRONICA was founded in 1964. After more than 50 years of development, it has become one of the largest and most influential professional trade fairs for electronic components in Europe and the world. The exhibition was held twice a year. The elites from the electronics industry from all over the world gathered in Munich to discuss the development of the global electronics industry and the future of the electronic market in the past two years.

Ideal platform: Participate in this exhibition to gain a more direct understanding of the development of German and world products and the specific needs of the market, to improve the technical content of products, to adjust the structure of improved products, to lay the foundation for the production of high-quality products, and to improve exports. To ensure that the export is in the normal direction. It is an ideal platform for exhibitors to understand the industry market and the latest information.

Why We Participated in the German exhibition?

High-quality audience: Well-known electronics companies from all over the world will launch their latest achievements at the show; and a large number of professional visitors will not only hang around with dazzling new products and new technologies, they are more searching for themselves. Interested in the customer, signed a cooperation agreement. The full range of exhibiting products and services, the leading position of the exhibition in the electronics industry, the participation of industry heavyweights in the exhibition and the internationality of exhibitors are its most attractive factors.

If you also near the germany. Hope we can meet you here:008613316853289