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Real Experience On Surface Display

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Zhongguancun online display channel surface display development so far, has occupied half of the country in the display industry, we released the new flagship brands, almost cannot do without surface elements. Whether it is playing games or watching movies, the surface can bring a better experience in the publicity of the business.

 Read before you buy it! The real experience of surface display feeling but in fact, the consumer views on the surface of the display, can be said to be the It differs from man to man. people who love it, love it the graceful posture Yan high value, attack its people think it is distorted; the people who love it that it can bring the wonderful feeling surrounded by experience, attack its people feel it lead picture distortion. Consumers view surface display in It differs from man to man. plainly, that is a matter of habit, if you are the first use of surface display, will certainly feel uncomfortable and not adapt, but when you use the display surface for a period of time, and then replace the flat display, because the human eye is used when viewing screen there will be a screen "bulge" feeling, and will continue for a long period of time.


see if you are fit to buy a curved display? The surface display has its development significance, as a pioneer of flexible display, on the other hand, it is more fitting surface display of human structure, to create a strong sense of siege and immersion in use, for the pursuit of the quality of user experience to say there is a fatal temptation, in addition. The surface display value is high! The surface display has a high color, but it doesn't make it. It still needs to take into account what you need to make a choice. As we mentioned before, the real experience of the writer experiencing the curved surface display is that it is easy to pass from the flat into the curve, from the song to the flat. When the user is changing the monitor, we must take this into consideration, and whether we can accept this period of time that we need to adapt.

The user experience is suitable for surface display so that, if you are still entangled whether to buy surface display, editing and give you the following suggestions here: if you buy

1. use display is put in the home daily to see the film what variety, then do not hesitate to start; if you are experiencing the

2. game player, athletic performance on display requirements is not strong, can also consider the surface display, after all, will bring a strong sense of immersion and surrounded by

3.if you are editing design, there is a higher demand for the professional display, or senior game fancier, then the flat display of a high performance may be more for you.