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Some Knowledge About The E-ink

- Jun 22, 2018 -

                                        Some knowledge about the e-ink

The dot matrix electronic paper usually has an operating temperature range of 0-50 degrees and a storage temperature range of 20--70 degrees. Is it possible to work normally at room temperature after being stored in an environment below -20 degrees for a while? Below -20 degrees or above 70 degrees will not destroy electronic paper?


At a low temperature, our cold and heat shocks will reach -25 degrees, and -40 degrees should not damage electronic paper. Therefore, when it is stored at a low temperature for a period of time, it can still return to normal operation at room temperature. However, if it is higher than 80 degrees for a long time, it will damage the electronic paper.

At present, some breakthroughs have been made in the operating temperature range of electronic paper display screens. At present, the operating temperature of some electronic display screens can reach a temperature range of -20 degrees to +60 degrees or 0 degrees to +80 degrees. See the article "Exploring the Low-Temperature Performance of Electronic Paper Displays and Electronic Shelf Labels."

If the humidity of the surrounding environment is too high, will it not destroy electronic paper when stored at -40 degrees? What is the maximum humidity range that electronic paper can withstand?

-40 degrees has been frozen, when the humidity does not generally destroy the electronic paper. However, the EPD screen may condense water droplets when it is removed from the low temperature, which may affect the circuit, may cause leakage during driving, and the driver board of the customer may have the same problem. Therefore, the overall structure of the customer may require a sealed design. The maximum temperature and humidity of electronic paper is 60 degrees and 80% RH. It is recommended that you do not have this problem after naturally drying and then powering up.

If you want to integrate the circuit directly into the electronic paper FPC instead of PCB, do not have to do PCB in the product, the electronic paper FPC to re-open the mold, this can be achieved?

Mounting electronic components on the FPC, this program will have yield problems, FPC, after all, is bendable, it is easy to cause component pin off, we do not recommend users to use such a program.