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South Korea Research And Development Of New OLED: Can Make Clothes More Thin Than Hair Silk

- Feb 02, 2018 -

South Korea Research and development of new OLED: can make clothes more thin than hair silk

核心提示:来自韩国电气工程学院的kyung cheol choi教授和他的团队,他们在超薄发光二极管上取得了显著的成就。这项由博士候选人Seonil Kwo

Core tips: Kyung cheol Choi, from the South Korean Institute of electrical engineering, and his team, who have made remarkable achievements on ultra thin LEDs. This is Seonil Kwo, a PhD candidate

来自韩国电气工程学院的kyung cheol choi教授和他的团队,他们在超薄发光二极管上取得了显著的成就。这项由博士候选人Seonil Kwon领导的研究于12月6日在国际纳米杂志,纳米快报上在线发表。据这个团队预测,这种高效且持久的发光二极管技术,将被广泛应用于可穿戴显示器。

Kyung cheol Choi, from the South Korean Institute of electrical engineering, and his team, have made remarkable achievements on ultra thin light-emitting diodes. The study, led by Seonil Kwon, a PhD candidate, was published online in the international nanoscale journal, nanoscale bulletin in December 6th. According to the team, this efficient and durable light emitting diode technology will be widely used in wearable displays.


The current wearable display is generally based on the OLED screen, and the existing screen can not achieve a good display due to the size limit of the wearable device.


To solve this problem, the Kyung team designed a OLED structure compatible with fiber. Through the way of dip coating on the three-dimensional structure of the fiber, the team successfully designed a OLED based light-emitting diode based on fiber.


The team also confirmed that the fiber organic diode was able to withstand the 4.3% tensile strain and also maintain an expedite 90% current efficiency. Moreover, they can be woven into textiles and knitted garments that do not cause any problems.


In addition, this technique allows an organic diode to be made on a fiber that is thinner than the human hair. It is important to note that all work is carried out at a low temperature of 105 degrees.


Professor Choi said: "the existing wearable display because of its performance is too low in applicability have limitations, but this technology can produce optical organic diode with high performance, low cost process, this simple wearable display provides a way for the commercialization of optical fiber."