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Splice Screen Leakage Of A Major Reason

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Splicing screen in the course of use, there will be leakage phenomenon. That in the usual maintenance process, we should pay special attention to moisture. From the following case, you know why the moisture will spill the LCD splicing screen so much.

First, the fault phenomenon: splicing screen obvious leakage phenomenon.

Second, the process analysis:

1. LCD splicing screen in the black screen state has a very clear signs of moisture infiltration.

2. Installation method:

After investigation, the installation method for the rack-mounted, top-down test installation, leaving the maintenance of the screen after the channel on the back of the back cover more dust splicing screen installation process no significant force uneven; so ruled out due to external pressure caused by the reason Splicing screen leakage phenomenon.

3. Phenomenon environment:

Project site installed in the hall, big screen near the door, good ventilation, heat normal;

4. Leakage phenomenon is concentrated in the edge of the screen body position for the liquid crystal panel adhesive damp corrosion caused by liquid crystal leakage phenomenon.

Therefore, the daily LCD splicing routine cleaning and maintenance, cleaning with a LCD-specific cleaning kit, avoid water or detergent directly to the screen, it is easy to flow into the screen gap, resulting in internal short circuit failure, leakage.