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The Advantages And Range Of Applications Electronic Paper

- Jun 09, 2018 -

                           The advantages and range of applications Electronic paper

Electronic paper can be used to design exquisite segment code e-paper screens. The advantages are:

Ultra-low power consumption: E-Ink electronic paper display has a bi-stable characteristic, that is, it only consumes power when the screen is changed, and is about 0.5 microamperes per square centimeter. When the still picture is displayed, It does not require any power consumption.

                                                e-ink (2).jpg

High-contrast: The segment-coded e-paper display utilizes a reflective ambient light source to give viewers a clear view of the display, with a near wide 180-degree viewing angle.

Diversified design: Segment-coded e-paper displays can be designed into any two-dimensional shape, such as circles, triangles, or any abstract shape, to add effects to industrial designs. In addition, the unique characteristics of electronic paper can make the foreground or background of the product switch between black and white.


  The segment code e-paper display has a wide range of applications, including various consumer electronics products, watches, medical instruments, industrial measuring instruments, computer peripherals, smart cards, electronic tags, and portable devices.