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The Advantages Of The Electronic Shelf Label ?

- Jul 18, 2018 -

High-efficiency wireless communication can accurately change the status and quantity of goods in real time.

 What are the advantages of the electronic shelf label?

(1) perfect design style

Simple shell design, support users to design the cover.

Convenient installation mode and secure anti-theft design.

Ultra low power consumption, long life.

(2) High quality user experience

Eliminate customer complaints about price information changes and price errors

You can change the price of the item that needs to be changed at the time of promotion.

Convenient and fast cargo management.

(3) Significantly reduce labor and operating costs

Avoid high frequency replacement price tags when using paper labels.

Eliminate price errors caused by manual price tag replacement and reduce operational risk.

(4) Effectively improve profitability

Significantly improved cargo management efficiency through networking

Timely price change function can effectively reduce the loss caused by the timely change of the work price.

Eliminate claims expenses caused by price errors.

(5) High-performance price tag system

Instant price change, support timed price change function