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The Big Shock Of Lcd TV Market

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Affected by the global financial crisis, China's consumer electronics industry is in a down cycle. 

Especially in the LCD TV market, although the sales momentum is not diminished, but the home appliance giants are frowning when they get the profit data, and the situation that the market is not "fighting" has not changed much. 

At the beginning of the year, the new product featuring the concept of "LED TV" appeared in China, and instantly became the most popular keyword at that time. 

However, in the face of high product prices, the industry is not moving, and expressed dissatisfaction with this method of relying on concept speculation to make huge profits.

The shadow behind the prosperity of the LCD consumer market

Driven by many good news such as “home appliances going to the countryside” and “home appliances into the city”, the domestic LCD consumer market has shown a thriving scene. 

Inspired by policy confidence and by half-year sales data, DisplaySearch raised its sales forecast for LCD TVs this year, from the original forecast of 18.8 million units to 23.6 million units.

It is based on the optimistic estimation of the market prospects that the home appliance giants have “betting” China and bringing more “LCDs in line with China’s national conditions” to domestic consumers. 

Gradually, we found that some new LCD products are constantly being introduced, and more are improvements and enrichments in additional functions, rather than innovations in core components such as panel technology and image processing chips. 

In this way, after the "old faces" wearing gorgeous coats entered China, they held high the concept banner and poured into the whirlpool of the "Red Sea" with domestic manufacturers.

In this regard, the industry can not help but ask, where is the breakthrough of the LCD TV industry?

"LED TV" concept hype is still a good solution

The appearance of LED TV is really eye-catching. 

This future star with better color performance and lower energy consumption is said to end the LCD era and is therefore known as the "next generation display technology." 

Once such products enter the consumer market, the interest and attention given by consumers can of course be imagined. 

It is not difficult to understand that a well-known brand has just thrown the "LED TV" hydrangea, the market has been empty, rushing to go to the "future TV" honor. 

Of course, the high prices have discouraged more people, but there are also "people of insight" who want to stand under the technical vane.

If you have a friend who is deeply involved in LCD TV technology, before you save money, he should tell you that the production technology of LED panels is far from mature, and the commercial LED TVs are also rare in the world. 46, 52 

Large-size products such as inches are being bred in the laboratory. 

Then, where is the big-size TV with “LED” as the publicity gimmick in the market, let us feel that the LED era is within reach?

The root cause of this contradiction lies in the fact that the manufacturer intentionally or unintentionally ignored the fundamental difference between the LED backlight and the LED panel, confusing two completely different concepts, and coining the concept of "LED" to mislead consumers. 

In fact, the current domestic market sales, media propaganda, and public word of mouth, is basically the use of LED backlight technology LCD TV - backlight to LED, panel or LCD. 

In the true sense, LED TVs should use LED panels, but now LED panel production technology is not mature enough to provide large-size LED products for commercial use.

From this point of view, the current "LED TV" is only a concept of speculation in the marketing angle, is the "eye-blocking method" for manufacturers to seek high profits, and it is still a long time for real LED TVs to become popular in the market.

Are consumers willing to pay for the concept of speculation?

At present, the high price of LED TVs makes the average consumer stagger. 

The reporter learned from the Gome appliance store that a brand's 46-inch "LED TV" is priced at 27,999 yuan, and the 55-inch product is as high as 36,999 yuan, more than twice the size of ordinary LCD TVs. 

In foreign markets, the price of "LED TV" is also significantly higher than LCD TV. 

It is understood that the price of "LED TV" in the United States is 30%-50% higher than that of the same size LCD TV, and the price in Europe is 40%-70% higher. In China, the price of LED products is higher. 

70% - 80%. 

Just to replace the backlight, I dare to sell such a high price, so Chinese consumers are so fooled?

Industry experts believe that it is precisely because the TV manufacturers are caught in the predicament of profit, they will take the lead and think of the concept of "LED TV". 

Core technology, such as LCD panels, has been publicly available in the industry - IPS hard screen quality is the best. 

Brands with lesser technology have to demand another breakthrough. 

In order to achieve the purpose of increasing sales, some manufacturers have racked their brains in design, and other manufacturers have taken the lead in clinging to the life-saving straw of “LED TV”.

In short, manufacturers are escaping the dilemma through conceptual hype.

For the average consumer, you don't have to worry about the world. 

The war of contention between manufacturers only allows them to fend for themselves, but the need to clean the eyes of TV. 

Those consumers who love LED TVs should not be misled by the manufacturers, and they are willing to pay for the concept hype. 

Rational purchase of LCD TVs still needs to return to the essence, understand the correct product information, pay attention to the key indicators such as panel technology and image processing chips, do not pay for the concept of some manufacturers.