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The News For The E-ink Display

- Jul 03, 2018 -

                                                The news for the e-ink display

When it comes to electronic ink screens, people will first respond to the screen E-Ink of the Kindle e-book. E-Ink screens have been widely used in e-books, watches, and mobile phones. The biggest benefit is not only the clarity of the display, but also the low power consumption.

                                           2.13 (14).jpg

E-Ink Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) color electronic ink screen technology uses the principle of total reflection to control color particles by applying voltage to the TFT layer to display multiple color effects. ACEP's four primary colors use the common color standards of the CMYK printing industry, namely green, red, yellow and black. By blending eight colors, ACeP can simulate prints when displayed.

However, because the ACeP display is not as bright as the traditional LCD and the brightness is limited, it may only be used as an electronic signage in a restaurant or retail store with a soft atmosphere. This can be integrated into the environment to replace traditional posters, and the design will be more varied. Keep the texture.