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The Rapid Development Of Sino OLED Cooperation With Well-known Manufacturers Of Black Cattle Food Business

- Feb 01, 2018 -

The rapid development of Sino OLED cooperation with well-known manufacturers of black cattle food business



Black cattle food rapid development in the field of OLED. Said the black cattle food CEO Zhang Deqiang told the Securities Journal reporter Chinese interview, the 5.5 generation AMOLED production project has been implemented on the processing of the glass substrate 15 thousand production capacity in China to realize flexible production of AMOLED products, cloud Valley (Guan) the sixth generation AMOLED project is expected to put into operation in mid 2018. Long term cooperation with well-known manufacturers asked: iPhoneX introduction let OLED screen prospects, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have launched OLED mobile phone, subsidiary and related manufacturers approached weixinnuo whether or not? Zhang Deqiang: weixinnuo is the earliest in the OLED display panel manufacturer, to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation with ZTE, HUAWEI, millet and other well-known manufacturers of nubia. At present, the domestic mobile phone screen has been listed in large quantities, some models will be Nuolie Weixin as the sole supplier, the next step is expected there will be more mobile phone brands with screen company. Q: how weixinnuo in the development of OLED production plan? Zhang Deqiang: the 5.5 generation AMOLED production project has realized the production capacity of 15 thousand pieces of glass substrate, which has realized the production of AMOLED flexible products. This line breaks the monopoly of overseas enterprises and provides a good quality flexible AMOLED display for downstream manufacturers. At the same time, weixinnuo as technical support, support in the construction of the cloud Valley (Guan) the sixth generation AMOLED project is expected in mid 2018 put into operation, the design capacity of 30 thousand large monthly investment. The production line is the first fully flexible AMOLED production line, can produce the surface of the display screen, display screen, double curl, the products are widely used in intelligent wearable, mobile phone, VR display and professional display applications, which can effectively solve the problem of insufficient capacity of new display industry faces. Application terminals continue to expand the question: how to look at the competitive situation of the OLED industry? Zhang Deqiang: at present, Samsung is still in the leading and relative monopoly position. The OLED technology of domestic enterprises is basically synchronized with the international market, but the factors such as yield, quality, delivery speed and R & D speed of different products are quite different. With the accumulation of capital and technology, the concentration of the whole industry will be further strengthened. At present, flexible OLED is in short supply and belongs to the seller's market, which is mainly used in mobile phone screen. With the continuous development of flexible technology, the OLED application scene and application terminal will continue to expand. Q: what's the company's progress in the flexible OLED panel? Zhang Deqiang: in terms of main products, flexible display and its peripheral technology are the best tools for terminal manufacturers to drive high-end products and differentiation. Terminal manufacturers have strong demand for screen resources. The company's flexible AMOLED phone screen is cooperating with manufacturers, increasing supply to some new partners. In addition, some vendors have started the test of the company's products and expect to realize the order transformation in the future. According to the data of the third party industry consulting company, we have maintained the first shipments in our country. The company has an early PMOLED field, which has been the first in the world for many years. At the innovation level, the company continues to promote the application and development of new technology, and promotes the continuous cooperation and cooperation of the industrial chain. The company has released "the world's first free folding flexible screen full module product", with more than 100 thousand bending times, and the technology is in the world's leading level. Last July, the company used TDDI technology to combine touch with display chips, and the implementation of TDDI technology in the field of AMOLED is the first case in the world.