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The Splicing Is Widely Used From A Variety Of LCD Splicing Screens

- Mar 17, 2018 -

The splicing is widely used from a variety of LCD splicing screens!

In 2018, with the diversification of technology and talent, in order to meet the development of shopping malls, the demand for LCD splicing products is becoming more and more high. The product of LCD splice screen begins to move towards the road of diversification.

First, seamless and large size

Seamless here is actually refers to the mosaic screen seam will be more and more small, not absolutely seamless. Even if the DLP is seamless, its physical seam is 0.5mm. Seamless splicing means monitoring products in the future will be more and more small piece, may break now 5.3mm ultra narrow edge stitching. Large size is not a blind pursuit of a large screen to do a monitoring and display wall.  Because in reality, whether it is based on the large screen transport considerations or the convenience of construction, monitoring and display wall can not be used with a huge LCD screen. Large size is mainly a single block screen size to make a breakthrough. This large size can reduce the splicing unit, but also the overall picture of the gap on the "cutting" reduction, is bound to be a trend in the future.

Second, digital high-definition and networking

In the era of HD surveillance, if the system terminal display device can not achieve HD, digitalization and networking, even if it is seamless and large-scale, it will be useless. Therefore, the high-definition digitalization and networking of the splicing screen has become the most important part of the competition of the display equipment manufacturers. It is understood that the common interface technology of security monitoring and control can not realize 1080p high definition display. Therefore, people in the industry believe that the key to the realization of digital high-definition is to adopt the appropriate interface that is compatible with the existing system. It is foreseeable that in the near future the resolution of the screen will become higher and higher, and the brightness of the display will increase gradually. The network video processing function of splicing screen will also become stronger and stronger. It can directly process network video signals, and adopt the technology of network full digitalization. Even if the transmission distance is far away, it can still guarantee the high quality of the picture. Only in this way, the digital HD splicing screen network to the point.

Third, modularized and intelligentized, installation and operation more convenient

Although the splice display device has the advantages of light and thin, it is also a very tedious and important link to install and debug as a special large screen display device. In order to realize the function of the system in the daily application, it often needs to be equipped with other equipment, such as matrix, distributor, connection line and so on. At present, many manufacturers are trying to make the installation structure easier. For this reason, existing enterprises adopt advanced modular structure design, built-in high-performance splicing processing module and other unique technologies, such as built-in digital matrix, making the installation and management of mosaic display system very convenient. In order to facilitate the operation and management system, the design of screen production Poomsae will integrate into the more intelligent in technology.