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The Tft Screen Will Meet A Dilemma

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Japanese screen factory JDI sales fell: domestic mobile phone manufacturers fell in love with OLED. 

For Japanese screen manufacturer JDI, their days are sad, because more and more manufacturers have joined the OLED screen camp, although the LCD screen has not given up, but has been decentralized to the low-end market. 


Now, JDI's latest financial report shows that the net loss for April-June was $15,957,400 and sales were $1,175 million.

Their net sales for the first quarter of this year was 130.281 billion yen, so the comparison will show that the latest sales have fallen by 45.2%.

For this situation, JDI's statement is that as some Chinese smartphone vendors turn to OLED screens, plus inventory adjustments, shipments to Apple are also falling.

JDI plans to produce OLED panels for smartphones by 2019, but many competitors will soon invest in mass production of OLED screens.

JDI hopes to have a partner that can fund its launch of mass production. 

Analysts say this usually costs more than 200 billion yen ($1,803 million).

JDI did not provide full-year earnings forecasts, but the company reiterated that it will return to profitability this fiscal year.

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