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Today's Oled Is So Unbelievable

- Jul 27, 2018 -

As we all know, the display market has been dominated by LCD screens that have matured by technology and are very close to the people. In recent years, with the continuous development of technology and the continuous maturity of OLED display technology, OLEDs continue to exert their strength in the display market and continue to 

The market share of the original LCD display has become a dark horse in the display market. It has emerged in the public's field of vision. Although LCD has many "positions" to defend, it has already emerged as a substitute. 

But how does the LCD display with absolute market share counterattack?


OLED has become a scrambled display technology in the market


OLED display is basically held by Korean companies in the market. South Korea's Samsung holds the absolute market share of small-size OLED displays, so that after Samsung supplied its own mobile phone panels, it also took over Apple. 

Super big single, and American Apple and South Korea's Samsung are two old rivals with many grievances, which is almost universally known.


But Apple has no way to do this, because Samsung has almost monopolized the market for small-size OLED displays. In order to reduce dependence on old rivals, Apple can't wait to find more suppliers of OLED panels. Samsung is the only one. 

One of the OLED technologies that can be called an opponent is the LGDisplay (hereinafter referred to as LG) company, which is also from South Korea. LG is the only choice!


Just as LG and Apple want to further cooperate, LG has encountered problems in the production of OLED panels when it is increasing in size, resulting in LG’s OLED panel production progress behind, while Apple 

The company also had to reconsider whether to continue its in-depth cooperation with LG.

It's time for Oksmart to do something now.