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VA Liquid Crystal Display

- Jan 15, 2018 -

VA liquid crystal is the abbreviation of vertical arrangement of liquid crystal. Compared with TN liquid crystal, VA liquid crystal has a higher contrast and wider visual angle, which is the mainstream technology used in today's large screen LCD TV.

目前夏普、东芝、三星、索尼以及台湾的群创、友达等都使用VA液晶技术制造大屏幕液晶电视。SONY的手掌式游戏机PSP和夏普的智能手机AQUOS PHONE使用了夏普生产的增强型VA液晶(ASV液晶)。

At present, SHARP, Toshiba, Samsung, SONY and Taiwan's Innolux, and so the use of VA LCD screen LCD TV manufacturing technology. SONY's palm type game machine PSP and SHARP's smart phone AQUOS PHONE use an enhanced VA LCD (ASV LCD) produced by SHARP.

VA液晶的开发要追溯到20世纪70年代。那时候被称为DAP方式(Deformation of vertical Aligned Phase)或VAN(Vertical Aligned Nematic),由于没有发明多域(Multi-Domain)技术,视野狭窄实用性不高,90年代研究被中止。富士通解决了这个问题之后,VA液晶重新得到业界的瞩目。

The development of VA liquid crystal will be traced back to 1970s. At that time, it was known as DAP Deformation of vertical Aligned Phase or Vertical Aligned Nematic. Because no invention of multi domain (Multi-Domain) technology and narrow vision and practicality, 90s research was suspended. After Fujitsu has solved this problem, the VA LCD has gained the attention of the industry again.




The liquid crystal molecules in the VA liquid crystal in the initial state are perpendicular to the polarizer plane, when the light is not permeable and the screen is black. When the voltage is applied to the conductive plate, the liquid crystal is arranged in the form of lodging, which leads to the light birefringence through the liquid crystal. In the initial state, the liquid crystal molecules are vertically arranged, and the backlight is almost impossible to pass through, so a large contrast can be achieved. The voltage size can control the lodging degree of liquid crystal molecules and realize the adjustment of color and brightness.


At first the liquid crystal molecules can only be lodged in one direction, so the angle of view is directional. With the emergence of multi domain (Multi-Domain) technology, the 6 domains of liquid crystal molecules are divided into the upper and lower parts and left and right, and the direction problem is solved thoroughly.




The contrast is high.


The color temperature is mild.


Low level light leakage.


From the perspective of can be raised to 178 degrees, there are problems to improve TN blank layout.




Although there are 178 degrees of view like IPS, there will be a whiteness on the screen.


Color IPS