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What Drive Ic?

- Nov 29, 2017 -

led drive ic works:

The chip contains constant current generation circuit, through the plug-in resistor to set the output constant current value. Through the chip enable terminal can control the output channel switching time, the switching frequency up to one megahertz (1MHz). Fast current output response, support for high levels of change and high-screen refresh rate applications. Built-in open-circuit detection, overheating and power failure, and over-current protection, the reliability of the application system greatly improved.

Drive method:

· Current value adjustment method

The use of pulse amplitude modulation technology adjustment method

Current value adjustment method is mainly to change the brightness of the current value adjustment, here assumed that when the luminosity is 1 times, white light luminosity and current change of luminosity becomes 1.7 times, this time the luminosity becomes 3 times, although the illumination and The current value is not proportional, but the red light is proportional, mainly due to the different physical properties of red, green and blue chips.