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What Is The Advantage Of IPhoneX's OLED Screen Compared With The Traditional LCD Screen?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

      We all know that iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are all LCD display panels, and iPhone X is the first apple to use a OLED screen phone. Thanks to the OLED screen, iPhone X finally embraced screen ultra narrow frame design, so that the whole face looks is a piece of almost all the screen, and Apple also compared with the Chinese characteristics will be called the "full screen (All-Screen), the diagonal size is 5.8 inches. At the conference, apple said it was a LED backlight designed for iPhone X.

      Perhaps many friends have doubts about why Apple has abandoned the LCD screen that has been persisting for ten years. In fact, the truth is very simple, compared to LCD, OLED has a lot of advantages.

      IPhoneX is the first time Apple's first attempt to display OLED on smartphones is not clear because the previous generation of OLED panels was not good enough. But Apple mentioned that the iPhone X's OLED display panel is far from the ordinary OLED, "it's built according to our strict standards!" In fact, the so-called "body building", the surface of the meaning is "Apple custom". Before iPhone X was released, we all know that Apple purchased Samsung's OLED display screen, and it will not directly use Samsung's OLED screen, nor will it be the same screen as S8 or Note 8. Apple has an independent professional display screen team, and two years ago, it has started a deep research and development cooperation with Samsung on display panels. For this reason, Samsung has provided an independent team of about 200 people, dedicated to the apple, to customize the OLED screen that meets the requirements of the apple. The screen from the material point of view, LCD is a liquid crystal display, and OLED is the organic light emitting diode, at present most of the mobile phone are used in LCD screen, and OLED as a new generation of display technology, due to high technical difficulty and high cost, the price of OLED LCD compared to more expensive, so the most high-end OLED screen using mobile phone, and the product has been Apple rival Samsung firmly occupy, for some excellent OLED products are often their first with samsung.

      In contrast, OLED has "ultra high contrast", and the standard given by apple is the contrast of 1000000:1. Obviously, the incomparable OLED screen contrast is most prominent and unquestionable features, can display black is because there is no LED backlight layer, to show the most natural black. Furthermore, the high resolution, iPhone X OLED reached the 2436 x 1125 pixels of the super retina (Super Retina) level, with a pixel density of 458 PPI.

     In addition to a more technologically advanced, LCD and OLED both are essentially different obviously, LCD is the need for a backlight, while OLED is self luminous, which is the biggest difference, because the luminescence, OLED does not require a backlight, compared to the LCD screen energy utilization efficiency is higher, the OLED in the display is black no light, and even in LCD display black still need backlight.

    Well, this year the best of a "small machine" is undoubtedly iPhoneX, I believe many people and I think it is too expensive, always do not want to start, but the performance and feel iPhoneX can definitely be regarded as first-class, Xiaobian want to start a iPhoneX, but the price is too expensive, from a friend that can be the original assembly mobile phone, try holding the mentality to start with a deep space gray. The first time to hold it in the hands of the iPhone8Plus to compare, the width is very close to that of the small screen touch + big screen view, believe that this is the numerous fruit powder early want iPhone. For non geeks users, the disadvantages of iPhoneX due to the use of double-sided glass, fingerprint contamination is quite terrible, if you want to start or suggest deep space gray is better, but also can be used for a long time before and after the film, or something like a cat face. This is the 64GiPhoneX deep air ash made by Xiaobian in Hengtai's assembly. About three thousand, it's still worth getting started. There's nothing else. It's afraid of being washed up when asleep. Ha ha! The needs of the friends can be micro - Oh, Hengtai communication HTTX136. Compared with OPPO, the VIVO mobile phone, or very awesome, playing the king of glory, the wild action there is no pressure, picture and feel is still very shocking. But to buy a mobile phone is to see their own needs and actual purchasing power, after all, they like to be able to afford to afford the most comfortable. Another feature is that the OLED screen can be made into a curved screen, and the LCD screen does not support bending. The flagship model of Samsung brings us curved screen shocked him from the rigid shape suddenly became such as talent shows itself, like art, the visible OLED screen on the fuselage hardware design is of great help, the design of the new iPhone to OLED out of the ordinary, had to use the screen. It is believed that the new iPhone will bring a new upsurge to the industry with OLED screen, which will bring us new stunning.