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Who Exactly Represents The Future? OLED Or QLED

- Jun 12, 2018 -

                                  Who exactly represents the future? OLED or QLED

    In 2007, Samsung produced the first OLED screen. At that time, the industry did not know much about OLED screens, and many manufacturers did not care. Samsung has pushed OLED panels from Galaxy's first-generation mobile phones. At that time, OLED technology was very immature, and the defects were also numerous. However, Samsung saw the future of this technology, so after three generations of products, it eventually became clear to see the moon. In today's Samsung's almost control of the global OLED mobile phone panel production capacity, Apple's next-generation products will use Samsung's OLED screen.

    However, Samsung has evaded OLED technology on its own TV products. The original mature technology has not been taken seriously in the television product line. Although Samsung tried to use this technology during the early development of OLED technology, Samsung suspended production of OLED screen TV in 2014 and immediately turned to Quantum Dot Technology. Later, Quantum Dot Technology was further upgraded and developed. The new screen type is today's QLED screen.

    The television industry and mobile phones are completely different. The demand for television screens is "bright, long, and wide." The life span of a TV is often as long as 5-10 years, and the characteristics of pleasing colors may be a big selling point on mobile phones, but on TVs, It is likely to become a defect.

    Just like this, Samsung will insist on using OLED technology on the mobile phone panel, but after a bit of temptation on the TV panel, it will shift to quantum dot technology, and will later upgrade QD technology to QLED technology. The whole process is like relaxing OLED technology on mobile phones.