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128 X 32 Dots White Oled Display

128 X 32 Dots White Oled Display

OKP12832-02 is 0.91 inch pmoled with white color and 128x32 pixels resolution. The OLED display is a display made using organic electroluminescent diodes

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1. Product Introduction


OKP12832-02 is 0.91 inch pmoled with white color and 128x32 pixels resolution.

 The OLED display is a display made using organic electroluminescent diodes. Due to simultaneous self-emission, no backlight source, high contrast, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, fast response, flexibility for use in panels, wide temperature range, and simple construction and process are considered A new generation of flat-panel display emerging applications.

2. Product Parameter





128x32 Dots

Display mode



13.42x10.06 mm


  4-wire SPI, I2C

Outline Dimension

18.46x18.1x1.25 mm


3.PMOLED advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: The process is simpler and simpler than AM_OLED.

Disadvantages: Difficulties in large size, in order to maintain the brightness of the entire panel, the brightness of each pixel needs to be increased to increase the operating current, which will reduce the lifetime of the OLED device. Current Drive is not easy to control.

 0.66 pmoled0.91 oled.jpg

4. Product qualification


 128x32 oled.jpg

5.Delivery, Shipping and Serving


We, Shenzhen OK smart-LCM photoelectric co., Ltd focus on the LCD screen and module in high quality, high effiency, high ROI building long-term partnership with each other not one-time business.

It would be our most pleasure to be your trusted sourcing partner handing the purchasing, exporting and after-service issue in China, you develop market and promote sales with 100% energy without any worries.

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6. FAQ

1. How can i get the price and consult for product details?

A1: Send enquiry through ALIBABA or email and skype directly 

2. Can you design the lcd in acccordance with our demand?

   A:Sure.We will give you the best tooling charge.

3. How long can we expect the samples?

Answer: Immediately in most of the cases.

4. Will OK go bankrupted?

    A:OK will never go bankrupted.

       OK has thousands of customers from different industries. The growth of Startek does not rely on any special customer.

       Many customers are from Medical equipment and mechanical industry. These industries have long lifespan, their products are of long longevity. Some of these buyers signed more-than-10-year supplying contract with us.

5. What should I do if a part I receive is damaged?

It is extremely rare to receive a damaged part because we quality test all of our parts before shipping them out.

However if you believe a part you ordered was damaged before you tried to install it, 

keep it in its’ original box and wrapping and contact us so that we may assist you. 

Any assistance, welcome to contact us


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