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Tft Lcd Color 3 . 5 Inch With HX8238D

Tft Lcd Color 3 . 5 Inch With HX8238D

Tft-lcd products have specifications, size series, variety of species, easy to use and flexible , maintenance, updates, upgrades, long life and many other features.

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super tft lcd color 3.5 inch display with HX8238D

    Tft lcd main application features: The use of good characteristics: low voltage applications, low drive voltage, solid-state use of increased safety and reliability; flat, thin, saving a lot of raw materials and use of space; low power consumption, its power consumption About one-tenth of crt display, reflective tft-lcd is only about one percent of crt, which saves a lot of energy;

    The display range covers the application range of all displays from 1 inch to 40 inches and the large projection plane, is a full-size display terminal; display quality from the simplest monochrome character graphics to high resolution, high color fidelity, High-brightness, high-contrast, high-response speed video display of various specifications; direct-view, projection, perspective, and reflective.

Product Description

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NoOKT0280Size Resolution Outline DimensionViewing AngelInterface
1OKT0122-011.22 inch240x240 25.76*28.16*1.8mmIPSSPI 
2OKT0130-011.30 inch240x24029.15*26.00*1.85mmIPSSPI
3OKT0200-012.00 inch240x32035.40*48.80*2.21mm80/80/80/80SPI
4OKT0240-012.40 inch240x32042.72*60.26*3.35mmIPSSPI
5OKT0280-012.80 inch240X32050.00*69.20 *2.40mm12 o’clockSPI
6OKT0350-013.50 inch240X32076.90*63.90*3.26mm 6 CLOCK RGB 
7OKT0400-014.00 inch480x80057.84*98.80*2.50mm6 o’clockMIPI-2Lane
8OKT0430-014.30 inch480x27267.20*105.50*2.90mm12 o’clockRGB 
9OKT0500-015.00 inch800*480120.70*75.90*4.35mm6 o’clockRGB
10OKT0500-025.00 inch480*272120.70*75.80*3.00mm12 o’clockRGB
11OKT0550-015.50 inch1080x192070.94*129.56*1.48mmIPSMIPI
12OKT0700-017.00 inch1024RGB*600165.00*100.00*2.80mm3 o’clockLVDS
13OKT0800-018.00 inch800RGB*1280114.60*184.10*2.60mmIPSMIPI
14OKT1010-0110.1 inch800RGB*1280162.4*311.8*4.88mmIPSMIPI
15OKT1040-0110.4 inch800RGB*600236.00*176.90*5.60mm **LVDS


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RGB 24 bits interface 3.50 inch 320x240 resolution 

Shenzhen oksmart LCM photoelectronic Co., LTD founded in 2006, Shenzhen as the core R & D center

established three product structure system, including: mono LCD, TFT, OLED display. Main applications is 
Industrial control digital display, car display, electronic terminal, medical equipment, mobile terminals, smart wear and other human-maachine interface areas. In 2017, 100 workshops and Yichun, Jiangxi

Province were formally launched. The construction area was 720,000 square meters, and 14 Panasonic fully automated production lines began mass production the annual output value upto 50 billion RMB.


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RGB 24 bits interface 3.50 inch 320x240 resolution 

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     It is extremely rare to receive a damaged part because we quality test all of our parts before shipping them out.
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