LCD Display Module Manufacturers in China

VALLCD specializes in customization of small MOQs. Mainly produces TFT LCD display module, AMOLED/OLED display module, display module with touch screen, display module with board, etc. Liquid crystal display manufacturing is the main business of Jintike Liquid Crystal Display Company.

OLED & AMOLED Display Modules

VALLCD OLED and AMOLED display modules offer higher brightness and lower power consumption than traditional LCD displays with LED, CCFL or EL backlights. OLED and AMOLED display modules from Microtips Technology offer new lighting possibilities with high colour quality and immediate full power light without a warm-up phase.

With display experience since 2003, for different projects, we, as one of the top LCD panel manufacturers, will carefully evaluate and recommend the most suitable display for your project. They can be TFT LCD display modules or OLED screen modules.

Our mission is not to provide what you want, but to provide what you need. Our products include thin LCD display, large size OLED display module, circular OLED display module, small OLED display module, transparent OLED display module, OLED character display, i2c color display, OLED dot matrix display, etc. We can offer competitive oled display modules to your price.

AMOLED Display Module
TFT color Display

TFT LCD display module

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD display modules are available in standard display, resistive touch and capacitive touch versions and in various sizes. The TFT LCD monitor offers rich colors, detailed images and bright graphics in its full-color RGB mode. These display modules are suitable for a variety of applications including smartphones, navigation systems, gaming consoles, point-of-sale devices, and more.

The TFT display is a full-color LCD that offers bright, vibrant colors and the ability to display fast animations, complex graphics, and custom fonts with different touchscreen options. Available in industry standard sizes and resolutions. These displays are available as standard, premium MVA, sunlight readable or IPS display types with multiple interface options including HDMI, SPI and LVDS. Our range of TFT modules includes custom PCBs supporting HDMI interface, audio support or HMI solutions with onboard FTDI Embedded Video Engine (EVE2).

Segment LCD Display Modules

Segmented displays are used in a wide range of applications, from meters to portable medical devices, from thermostats to sports equipment. Microcontrollers (MCUs) with integrated LCD drivers can directly drive segmented displays with alphanumerics, characters and icons. Developed for low-power designs, these MCUs are simple and scalable solutions that help extend battery life in LCD applications. We also offer a range of LCD analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and stand-alone LCD drivers.

Segment LCD Display

LCD Display Solutions & Design

Centered on the LCD business, we have expanded a dedicated branch of display hardware and software solutions, and can develop a complete product for you according to your requirements.

TN LCD Panel for Industrial Machine

LCD/LCM for Industrial Machines

HTN LCD Panel for Medical Apparatus

LCD/LCM for Medical Equipments

TN Custom LCD for electronic scale

LCD/LCM for Instruments

TN LCD Panel for air conditioning

LCD/LCM for Consumer Electronics

TN VA LCD for Home Appliances

LCD/LCM for Home Appliances

STN Blue LCD with White Backlight for Elevator

LCD/LCM for Elevator

Why Choose VALCD?

Since 2003, VALLCD is one of the leading OEM/ODM manufacturers of TFT LCD displays in China. It can be customized for industrial equipment, medical, POS, logistics equipment, smart home applications and other projects.

Provide one-stop LCD display solutions. Over the past 17 years, we have been focusing on LCD manufacturing, and gradually expanded to TFT capacitive touch screen, driver board, software and hardware design, and complete solutions for industrial computers.

As a professional LCD screen supplier/LCD monitor supplier/LCD panel company/LCD module manufacturer, Jintai LCD aims to provide a one-stop service to solve your problems. Has a strong LCD module R & D team and strict IS09001, IS01400ATF16949 certificate quality management.

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